Friday, September 11, 2009

Yankee Stadium

A couple months ago I told Teela that were going to visit every current
(of the time whenever we make the trip out to that city) MLB baseball
stadium. To my suprise she agreed. Teela hates baseball(but she
admitted to me it's because she doesn't understand it), but she loves
to travel. So that's her way of traveling with me. We were headed out
to DC and she tells me there is a bus that goes up to NY from DC. I
look up the dates and what do you know? Both the Mets and Yankees
will be in town. I can get two stadiums off my list pretty fast.
Unfortunately Teela could not make it up to NY, because of bridesmaid
duties. She is always putting others before herself. So I dragged Gabe
and Mark along with me. I knew they would be interested in the cities,
but both weren't baseball fans. Yankee Stadium was first on our list.
Now, originally I only really cared about seeing the Mets and was
going to go pretty cheap on Yankees tickets. But....... There is soooo
much history with this franchise you don't have to like them, but you
gotta' respect them. So I spent a little extra and got some decent
seats. About a month to go for the trip and I found myself wanting to
go more to Yankee Stadium than my beloved National League team's Citi
Field. I knew I had to get there early so I could catch Monument Park.
Due to that this was the 2nd game of a double header, Monument Park
was closed. The 2nd biggest disappointment of the New York trip(1st
was that the Mets lost the game I went to). Just walking up to the
stadium you could feel the hype from the fans. Even Gabe felt it, he
really got into it and was asking questions the whole time. So we get
to the stadium and recieved mini replica stadiums for being the first
so many people through the gates. I need a souviner from every park I
visit, so I decided to go with baseballs with the team logo. Seeing
how this was the new Yankee Stadiums first year, the ball had the
inagural new Yankee Stadium symbol on it. We get to our seats, a
little more in to right than right center. They were pretty decent
with the view, but were awesome with the crowd. We were right in the
middle of the "Bleacher Creatures!". These guys were ridiculous! They
started the game with a roll call of every player on the field, and
would continue until that player who they were calling would
acknowledge them back. Johnny Damon had the best one as he pulled a
"Hulk Hogan" type of point back to the creatures. These creatures
were ruthless as they would egg on the opposing team and my favorite
"Box Seats Suck!"
The crowd would go off for Derrick Jeter chanting his name and "MVP"
as Jeter was only 4 hits away from breaking Lou Gehrig's all time
Yankee hits record. Even though Jeter didn't get a hit the rest of the
Bronx Bombers lived up to thier name beating the Rays 11-1. Texiera
went yard twice. I left happy because the only Yankee I really care
about "Godzilla" Matsui went 2-3(don't quote me on that). All in all
I had a real good experience at Yankee Stadium catching all that
history and fanaticism, it really sucks you in. *note- if you ever go
to Yankee Stadium. Never wear another teams hat. Especially if your
sitting with the Bleacher Creatures. Poor mets fan got it bad(no I
wasn't dumb enough to wear my mets hat there). Also if sitting with
the creatures.. Do not leave before the end of the game. You get booed

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