Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quick thoughts on DC

Got at the Reagan National Airport at 5:00am. flight doesn't leave
until 11:00am. Got no headphones or magazine/books to read. All I have
is my iPhone, what a good time to blog. Why did I get here so early?
Had to drop off the rental and drop Gabe and Mark off so they can
catch the Amtrak to Baltimore.
I loved DC! Just the architecture and sculptures it has all over the
city. My favorite has to be the sculpture of Neptune(God of the Sea)
in front of the library of congress. Not just because of the nymphs
sitting on horses the way Jupiter sent them to this earth. Something
about the whole sculpture just seems so powerful. That's how DC felt
for me.
Gabe, Mark, and I had time before we had to catch the bus to New York
to check out DC for a min'. We started off with Union Square thinking
it was Dupont Circle(where the bus was to pick us up). We saw the
Capital building down the street, so decided to take a walk. Got up to
the capital, took our pics and decided to just keep walking. We
probably hit all the buildings and sculptures surrounding the capital.
My last day for my vacation we were able to tour DC again. We started
off with a personel tour of the capital from the best tour guide....
DC Dan. My cousin works for DHS and got us in the underground entrance
to the capital. It was awesome walking through and not having to wait
for a tour guide and the 20 people they have to take through. One word
that I can describe the capital is Amazing. History has always been my
favorite subject in school, so I found everything fascinating. Did you
know that Brigham Young is in the Nations Capital? Well he is, as one
of Utahs statues.
After the capital we stopped by a few of the Smithsonians. The first
museum we stopped by was the Air and Space Museum. This was the museum
that we heard a lot about, so we wanted to check it out. The second
and my favorite was the American History Museum. They have a lot of
cool objects from sports, movies, and history. My favorite object had
to have been Grand Master Flash's Turntable. I wish we had more time,
but we got there about a little less than an hour of closing time.
We then decided to walk to the Washington Monument. We have seen the
monument the whole trip, got a lot of pictures but never walked up to
it. After the Washington I had to go to the Lincoln Monument in honor
of my dad. Growing up I always remembered my dad as a Lincoln Fan.
This monument lived up to my expectations. It was the only monument
that was packed with people.
We were about to catch the Metro back Virginia, but remembered.... The
White House! We could not visit DC and not visit the White House. So
we did another walk and came up to the White House. Or what we thought
was the White House. Good thing we googled imaged it and came to the
conclusion that it was not the White House. So we walked about
another 50 yards and finally got to Obamas House. All we got was a
small view from the fence. I don't know if there is anywhere closer
you can get to the White House, but security was tight because it was
Sept. 11. My favorite part about the White House was the snipers on
top of the roof.
DC was a really cool city. Good city to visit if you are a history
buff. A place I would like to take my kids to someday. This has been a
well deserved trip. Good and relaxing even after the miles and miles
of walking. Thanks Gabe and Mark for the company. And thank you Teela
for setting everything up for us. I love you!

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  1. Bro you didnt tell me you had a blog! Enjoyed reading your posts about your trip, maybe next time you head out there I can tag along! LOVE me some NYC!!