Saturday, September 12, 2009

Citi Field

Like I said in my Yankee Stadium post, I was not too excited about
about seeing Citi Field. Yes, the Mets are my National League team.
Yes, I've heard that Citi Field was the nicer of the two new stadiums
in New York. But this whole season has been one big disappointment for
us Mets fans. Ok I think it started way before this season with them
blowing the last two seasons and missing the playoffs. This season was
different however. Injuries! I bought my tickets the early parts of
July. Knowing my favorite current baseball player Jose Reyes is out
with an injury. Knowing Carlos Delgado just had surgery. But they
still have Wright, Beltran, Santana, Castillo. Reyes been out since
May with a pulled hamstring, he should be back by Sept. right? Mid-
July Beltran goes out with a leg injury making a diving catch. Three
weeks to go to the trip and Wright gets beaned right in the dome, out
with concussion. Around the same time Castillo is walking into the
dug-out, slips and sprains his ankle. One week to go and Santana needs
surgery on his arm. Reports that Delgado will be back by late
August... Failed! Turns out Reyes hamstring was more serious than
they thought and will need surgery. Finally the Tues. before the trip
Wright is back in the lineup. So were on the 7 as we pull up. It's
beautiful, from the Jackie Robinson Rotunda through the whole park.
Now the fans weren't as crazy as the "creatures," but this is the way
I enjoy baseball. I know a lot of people find it boring, but I've been
able to sit through full games since I was a kid. I guess that what I
get for being raised by a baseball dad. We get in our seats in left
field. Much closer view than our Yankee seats. I get the best news all
day, Beltran returns to the Mets lineup. It was a pretty good game, a
part inside of me cheered when Hanley Ramirez blasted a homer that
missed the 2nd deck by a couple of feet. The real excitement came in
the 7th. Bases loaded and 1 out, down by 2. Who's at the plate? David
Wright.... Strikout. Seriously? You couldn't just fly out for a
sacrifice? Make this a 1 point game? All these questions running
through my mind. We got one more shot though, Carlos Beltran. Crack,
he hits a shot out to right. This ball is gone if it just stays fair.
The righfider is at the wall and makes the catch. This was the highest
and farthest ball I have ever seen and it still didn't make it out of
the field. If this was at Yankee Stadium, it would have been 16th row
back easily, perhaps even farther. Just like that nothing else happens
the rest of the game and Mets lose 4-2. Although they lost I still had
a lot of fun and hope I can make many of returns to Citi Field. I got
my souviner baseball with inagural Citi Field Season insignia on it.
So I went back to the hotel happy. Hopefully the next time I see them,
they will all be healthy and win.

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